Calming Minds Course


-          Better sleep patterns.

-          Calmer mornings at school drop off.

-          Improved concentration and attention span.

-          Increased ability to retain and recall information.

-          Confidence when approaching new experiences.

-          Less emotional meltdowns and shorter in duration.

-          Ability to turn a negative mindset into a positive mindset.

-          Improved self-esteem.

-          Having lots of fun while learning!


Classes will be held in the Pre-Kindy room every Wednesday after school for one-hour, commencing on 17 October 2018 and concluding on 5 December 2018.


It’s now been scientifically proven that practicing Mindfulness and Meditation on a daily basis, has a profound impact on our overall wellbeing.  This is such a precious gift to gift our little ones as it’s an empowering skillset they can use now and when they are adults/productive members of the community.


Each week there is a different concept with all mindfulness games being strategically chosen.  Children don’t even realise they are learning as we are having lots of fun, while getting rid of all that excess energy out of us from the day.  Then we do some stretching and breathing techniques concluding with a beautiful Guided Meditation.  Children also take home mindfulness tools which we use to recap in class each week.


Each term Calming Minds have a closed Facebook page for parents of the students who participate in our programme.  The intention of this closed Facebook page and our programme is to take the whole family approach. The idea is to empower parents with the knowledge and tools, to keep the skill set alive in the home, so children start to self-regulate those big emotions we all feel at times and experience the power of Mindfulness and Meditation and the impact it has in their lives.


Maximum 10 students per class. To secure your child’s place, register HERE or if you have any enquiries, contact Clare Milner via email


Hope to see you in Term 4!

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