Parent Information 2017
School Voluntary Contributions and Charges

Each family is asked to contribute according to a scale set by the School Board.  In 2017 the voluntary contributions will provide funding for school programs in areas of computing, music, sports carnivals, assemblies, student texts, reading books, library books and concerts.
Payment of the contribution with the booklist or early in the school year would be greatly appreciated.

2017 Voluntary Contribution Scale (K–Year 6)
$50 First child in the family
$40 Second child in the family
$30 Third child
Maximum $120 per family

Throughout the year parents will be asked to pay charges for certain events and activities.  Swimming lessons, incursions, camps and excursions are examples of school activities for which parents need to pay a charge in order for their child to participate.  A schedule of possible charges for 2017 was sent to each family in December 2016.
Parents experiencing difficulties with payment of the contribution are asked to contact the school to discuss this matter in privacy with the school Principal.

Contributions and Charges 2017 for Parents

Student Diary 
The purpose of the diary is to provide students with an opportunity to use a method to organise information and responsibilities in a diary format.
It also provides the opportunity for teachers and parents to use the diary as a means of communicating with one another, in addition to containing information about the school that will be useful to parents. Diaries are available for purchase as the front office for $6 each.

Drop Off and Pick Up Arrangements
Parents are expected to use the parking in Pacific Way, Gradient Way and Nautical Grove when dropping off and collecting their children.
The staff car parks of both the Beldon Primary School and Beldon Education Support Centre are for staff and Dental Clinic visitors only.

Dental Therapy Centre
This free service operates at Beldon Primary School. It’s purpose is to provide a continuous preventative dental service for each enrolled child from Pre-Primary to Year 11. It is important that regular dental examinations are continued throughout high school, even if your child is attending a specialist, such as an orthodontist.
The Centre is supervised by a Dental Officer of the Public Health Service and is staffed by Dental Therapists who are specially trained to provide dental care for children. Each enrolled child is taught proper care of teeth and gums, and routine preventative therapy is applied. Any treatment required (fillings or extraction) is carried out at the Centre.