Pre-Kindy Playgroup

Beldon Primary School believes that a quality Pre-kindy program is very important, which is why, as a school, we have provided one for the past 3 years and funded an experienced teacher to run it. Research shows that engaging children at a young age in learning experiences, can have a powerful effect on their schooling lives. 


The Beldon PS Pre-kindy program is a chance for parents to enjoy a morning with their 0 to 4 year old children, focusing on the developmental milestones for these age groups. We pride ourselves on assisting students with a smooth transition between home to school. 


At the Beldon PS Pre-kindy, children learn routines so that the transition to Kindergarten is nothing new. The Beldon PS Pre-kindy is also a nice way for children, and their parents, to make friendships that will continue through their schooling years. 


The Pre-kindy playgroup runs Tuesday mornings from 8:40 to 10:20am and is available to all children that will be attending Beldon Primary School for their schooling. An example of a typical morning at our playgroup might be:


8:40 to 9:30am - Set activities: A variety of age appropriate activities such as playdough, painting, craft etc. are set up to develop children's fine motor skills, pencil control and cutting skills (3+)


9:30 to 9:45am - Mat session: Nursery rhymes, counting, story time, colours, shapes etc.


9:45 to 10am - Shared fruit time


10 to 10:20am - Outside play 


The program is $2 per student and we ask that you bring along a piece of fruit to share at fruit time.


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