Early Intervention Autism Program

The Early Intervention program is established to provide early intervention for kindergarten and pre-primary students who have a confirmed Autism diagnosis. The program is based on Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) using the Spectra Program.


The aim of the 2 year program is to have students with autism successfully mainstream into year 1.

In the first year of the program the kindergarten students attend the required 15 hours, this is spread across 2 full days in the first week and 3 days the following week.


In the second year there is a shared placement; the students enrol at their local pre-primary, they attend the program for 2 days at Beldon ESC and then have 3 days at their local school.


Appointments can be made to visit to the Early Intervention class by phoning the Principal, Michele Mason, on 9402 3544.

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